Denver based trio, Plum ooze a gooey psychedelia fully embracing America's latest trend, evoking the hippy sound of the 60s.

Starting out life in 2014, this threesome are a part of a movement rapidly growing into something much larger than the music itself.

Already announcing festival line-ups for next year, including Treefort Music Festival, there is a certain allure about Plum who are the epitome of wavy rock'n'roll.

Releasing new EP, Light Years, Dark Years on 7th December, Plum are looking to take a long, winding trip into the new year.

The EP's title track is a raw, hefty masterpiece.

Launching into the track with a throbbing bassline and admirable beat, Light Years, Dark Years moulds into a kaleidoscopic miscreation of overwhelming goodness.

Velveteen vocals slither amongst bluesy chords, sliding inside scuzzed riffs and tasty bites of chugging instrumental.

Throwing about a screeching mass that somehow loses itself amidst a cloud of hallucinogenic thrusts completes a truly appetising merging of grunge and psych genres.

Words Lauren Jones


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