Liverpool's Jacaranda celebrates two years back in business

The Jacaranda Club will celebrate two years back in business on Saturday November 12. 

Being around on the scene since 1958, the famous club welcomed The Beatles in the early sixties and houses a piece of John Lennon history - a painting on the basement wall.

The new owners are throwing a party like they only now how - two for one cocktails all night long and a rock vs blues session in the basement.

Marketing, promotions, events and booking manager at The Jacaranda, Joe Maryanji told The Music Manual: "The Jacaranda has been a cornerstone of the Liverpool music industry for the best part of 60 years.

"On Saturday 12th November, it will have been 2 years since the current guise of the Jac has been serving the new 21st-century clientele.

"The last 24 months has seen some of the biggest shows of recent times happening in the basement and the creation of arguably one of Liverpool's most unique businesses - Jacaranda Records.

"Our birthday celebrations combine our two favourite genres of music going head to head to try and put on the best show, Blues vs Rock!

"With some of our favorite acts taking to the stage including Oceanis, Head Hunters Blues band, Pappa Boom Boom and the Jacarandas prodigal son, Thom Morecroft.... it's going to be one hell of night! To cap it all off it's going to be 2 for 1 on our incredible cocktail range ALL night."

The Music Manual has had its fair share of visits to The Jacaranda and we agree with how precious and well loved it is to Liverpool music today.

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Words Lauren Jones 


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