Take a trip with Sogni, the second album from Aussie femme fetales Primo!

HAILING from Melbourne, Primo! are set to release their second full length album Sogni on April 17 via Upset The Rhythm giving us all something to shout about in these dark times.

To celebrate the new release, the quartet have issued a video or their latest single Machine.

Borderline psychedelia with a numbing vocal, Machine tells the tale of av work-hierarchy struggle with the video showing the band rock boiler suits while working on some retro wheels.

This fresh sound is similar to that of Nice Biscuit, another Aussie outfit who caught our eye during Liverpool Sound City in 2019.

Talking about the new single, drummer Suzanne Walker said: "It’s the feeling of being like a machine inside the machine but as well the fact that sometimes great ideas, thoughts and observations come to you during the working day, in unexpected ways.

"Rhythmically the pacing is like that of a machine, speeding up and slowing down, at times frantically chugging, spattering vivid bursts of greasy colour before halting to a stop and slipping the key from the ignition.”

Following on from the band's debut Amici, released in 2018, Sogni focuses on a multitude of topics such as decision-making, change, time, heartbreak and the practicalities of work and daily life.

Spanning just under 30 minutes the guitar-laden album features an upbeat core with lashings of post punk and little injects of electronic musing.

The twelve track album was concocted in a rehearsal room before being recorded to an 8-track with Al Montford across several home studios in Melbourne.

Check out Machine here:


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